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BooksOnBoard Review

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PROS / Interesting browse features allow the user to mouseover book cover graphics and obtain detailed information about select titles.

CONS / The site has a bit of a cluttered feel, with too much information crammed into a small space.

 VERDICT / Confusing navigation and a cluttered feel make this site far less appealing than competitive sites.

The BooksOnBoard eBook store website provides eBooks for digital book readers but provides a limited selection. There are a wide range of categories to choose from, however, including specific fiction and non-fiction selections.

As an eBook Store, however, the limited selection coupled with higher-than-average pricing, makes this site less appealing than its competition.

Appeal & Ease of Use

This website has a somewhat cluttered feel, almost creating a claustrophobic feeling. As in print, websites should provide plenty of white space on all sides to allow the text, graphics and content to breathe. This site tries to pack in so much information at key areas on the page that the effect is actually the opposite – the site feels crowded and uncomfortable.

Unlike competitive sites, however, this site provides for an easy-to-use drop-down navigation for eBooks and Audio books from the top of each page.


Pricing for eBooks on this site is a bit higher than average. Based on a random sample of books the price for digital book selections was approximately 91% of the price of the same title in print version. While publishers and retails should protect a healthy profit from digital titles, just as with their print counterparts, selling an electronic version for nearly the same amount as a print version may be overdoing it a bit. This is especially true when competitive sites are able to sell the same titles for 55-65% the price of their print counterparts.

eBook Formats

A wide selection of eBook formats is provided for all types of users. Whether using a smart phone, PDA, one of a number of popular eBook Readers, or simply reading from a PC or Mac, the BooksOnBoard website has a format that will probably work!

Additional Digital Offerings

Audio books appear to be the only additional offerings provided on the main BooksOnBoard website.

Help & Support

Help for digital wireless device users, as well as PC eBook readers are fairly comprehensive. Although the FAQs section is not very user-friendly, information to help users troubleshoot both hardware and software problems are plentiful. Additionally, Customer Support members are available seven days a week to help users navigate, or troubleshoot.


While the BooksOnBoard eBook store website doesn’t have the most user-friendly site around, what it does do well is provide a wide variety of eBook selections all in one place. However, despite its advantage at having only digital eBooks and audio books on the site, navigation still remains confusing; many times the user is confronted with several selections of the same title, with very little information on what the difference between them actually is.

That said, the advanced search options on this eBook Store website are by far the best seen yet. Items can be searched by title, author, publisher or subject keyword while filtering by one of several eBook and audio book formats options.